How To Choose A Web Hosting Company?

A good webhosting company will offer a range of services for their customers irrespective of whether you choose free or paid website hosting services. If you want to find a good webhosting company or VPS hosting service, here is what you should watch out for:


Most free web host companies list advertising on your website. This is because they need to recover working costs. The only way to do that is by featuring ads on your website that will pay off for them. Don’t consider this bad as advertising does bring traffic to your site and it does increase site visibility and ranking on search engine pages.

Total Storage

Most websites use less than 500MB of space, which is usually more than enough for a small website. Your needs may vary though and you can easily opt for large packages for a small fee.

FTP or File Manager access

Ensuring you have access to upload files to your hosting environment at any time is key. Given the limitations of FTP access often being enabled with security (TLS), it’s often best to try to find a host with a solid file manager that allows easy drag-and-drop uploading of files as well as on-page editing with syntax highlighting for languages like HTML and CSS.

DIY Website Builders

Free and paid web hosting services allow customers to design their own page and their website. However, some websites do not allow this. As a result, we recommend you find a good service that provides you with some form of website builder, like WordPress + BeaverBuilder.

Apart from these few basic points, you require a reliable webhosting service like Canadian web hosting company Websavers. This company offers fast service with very little downtime and a large bandwidth attachment for all their customers.

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